Ingres Jean Auguste Dominique

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780-1867) was the son of painter Joseph Ingres, from whom acquired a passion for painting and music (he played the violin). In 1791 he moved to Toulouse, there to learn in the school of fine arts. Six years later he went to the Paris studio of Jacques-Louis David, in 1801 years for a painting Members of Agamemnon was awarded the Prix de Rome (leaving to study at the French Academy in Rome). He was able to go only in 1806. In the same year his paintings, sent to the Paris Salon, met with harsh criticism. After a four-year scholarship did not return to France, but remained in Rome until 1820 then moved to Florence, where he remained until 1824. At that time (in 1813), he married Madeleine Chapelle, which was his support in the difficult while poverty and lack of recognition. The situation changed in 1824 years; after criticism that comes from France, Ingres has gained recognition and returned to Paris. A year later, he got the Legion of Honour, was a member of the Academy of Fine Arts and opened his own studio.

In 1834 Ingres again went to Rome, where he was appointed director of the Academy of the French, located in the Villa Medici. Stayed there until 1841, after which he returned to Paris, solemnly welcomed. He received numerous orders, but success story broke his wife’s death (1849). Three years later he married a much younger Delfina Ramel, which took over the role of Madeleine, that takes care of the daily affairs of the painter. After the restoration of the Empire in 1852, became the official painter Ingres Empire. During the World Exhibition 1855 years organized a great retrospective exhibition of his works and the artist has been awarded the Cross of the Legion of Honour great officer.

He described the beauty of nature as an admirer of the works of art of antiquity and Raphael. He took up the medieval and oriental (Orientalism). The main element of the formal was perfect precision impressive figure, moreover static composition, sophisticated color and smooth texture.