Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso Pablo actually Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Clito, according to the Spanish custom, has been added Ruiz and Picasso after his father and mother, was born on October 25, 1881 in Malaga, Spain, as the first son of José Ruiz y Blasco and Marí Picasso y López.

Talent Picasso discovered his father, who was an excellent draftsman. Then educated in Spain, and later in Paris (1900-1902), where he had gone with his friends, a young painter Carlos Casagemas and Pallares. There is also a significant influence on his work had contact with postimpresjonistami. In February 1901, a friend Picasso Casagemas commits suicide. His death was a shock to the artist. For this event back in his work “The Death Casagemasa” color, “Death Casagemasa” in tones of blue and “Funeral Casagemasa”. Picasso works from the years 1901-1904 is defined as the blue period. They were kept in a coloring works melancholy themes and figures showing the poor (Life, The Old Guitarist, two sisters, Prasowaczka).

In 1904, Picasso meets Fernanda Olivier, a model which is the companion of life for the next seven years. At that time, the work of Picasso entering a period of pink, including scenes from the life of circus performers (Girl on the ball, Jugglers, Toilet, Family harlequin). In 1906, Ambroise Vollard marchand buys most of his works from the period of pink. Since that time, Picasso did not experience financial problems already.

Since 1907, under the influence of Picasso and Paul Cézanne Iberian and African art began experimenting with geometrization and simplification of form, which gave rise to cubism. This year, the painting “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” .Obraz was received with mixed feelings. In the following period, the cooperation with George Braque Cubism crystallized analytical principles, hermetic and synthetic.

The following years were characterized by continuous creative explorations. In 1911, the relationship between Picasso and Fernanda deteriorated, the artist associated with Eva Gouel. In the winter of 1915 years Eva Gouvel umiera.Picasso after his return to Paris, rented a house in the bourgeois district of Montparnasse. He began to be known abroad, mainly in Germany and the United States.

In 1917, Olga Koklową meets the daughter of an army officer in white, which quickly established przyjaźń.Dwunastego June 1918, Picasso and Olga married. The ceremony was attended by many friends Picasso.W February 1921 he was born the son of Paul.Na the beginning of 1927 years by an affair with Marie Therese Walter. The marriage broke up with Olga 1935.Z in connection with Maria Teresa comes to the world’s daughter Maria-Concepcion. In 1936, Picasso met at Cafe Les Deux Magots beautiful young girl Dora Maar. From this date began the most important period of his work. When the civil war broke out in Spain took the side republikańskiej.W 1937 years held in Paris International Exhibition. Image Picasso, who was in the Spanish pavilion, paid homage to the Basque city of Guernica by the German air zbombardowanemu. Guernica marked the beginning of Picasso’s political involvement, which has become a highlight of the accession in 1944 to the French Communist Party, and after the war commitment on the side of the left-wing movements and peace.

In May 1943 he met Francoise Gilot Picasso, who had him in the future to give two children. In 1947, Claude is born, and in 1949 Paloma comes into the world. In 1953, Picasso is associated with Jacqueline Roque in 1961 years takes her wedding.

Picasso works of the post-war period is very rich, diverse and not undergoing classification. Against the background of twentieth-century art creative personality Picasso had a huge impact on every aspect of contemporary visual art.