Vincent van Gogh

Vincent Willem van Gogh was born in Groot Zundert, a village close to Breda in the Netherlands in March 1853 year. His father, since 1849 there was a pastor. Vincent had five siblings: Anna, Theo, Elisabeth, Wilhelmien and Cornelis. In his own family he spent the first 16 years of his life, before he moved to The Hague, where he worked in the gallery dealers Goupil & Co..W 1873 years van Gogh was transferred to a branch gallery in London. There falls in love with the daughter of his gopodarzy Eugenie Loyer. However, she, being already engaged to reject a proposal of marriage from Vincent. Van Gogh is by his father and uncle sent to Paris. Alienation and the collapse led to job losses in the gallery in 1876.Po short period of work in a bookstore, feeling a religious vocation van Gogh is an assistant teacher at the Anglican school in Ramsgate (Kent) in England, and then moved to a suburb of London to Isleworth. Increasingly cornered religious imagery with the springs in the early followers of charity, and not in a practical version of bourgeois Christianity, preparing for theological studies in Amsterdam. Studies undertaken quickly proved to be in over his head. The unfortunate relationships with women ended in crises and depressions.

In the years 1878 to 1880 worked as a preacher in the Belgian mining basin. But his interest in religion weakens, increased fascination for drawing. Vincent van Gogh is giving away everything you have to the poor families of miners and moves to Brussels, where he decided to become an artist. Intends to study anatomy and perspective issues. However, continuing financial problems forced him to return to his family in Etten. Establishment of the first, more widely known by his works, inspired by Jean-Francois Millet. Successful interrupts next unrequited love. Van Gogh falls in love with a widowed cousin, who rejects his advances. He is distraught and disappointed. Finally, after a heated argument with his father on the plans for the future goes to Hagi.Tam taught painter Anton Mauve. In 1882, in the life of Vincent van Gogh comes with another woman – was a prostitute Sien Hoornik, with whom he lives while in The Hague. In the same year, the first created oil paintings. Disagreements with his mistress, break relationship with mauve and loneliness were the probable causes Vincent left the Hague. In September, 1883. Van Gogh goes to Drenthe. Done wandering the moors, relaxes, paints peasant huts and people. Financial shortages are forcing him to return to his parents, who are currently living in Nuenen. He works extensively here, painting 200 paintings and drawings and sketches ok.250. He then created several versions of ‘Eaters potatoes “and a series of drawings of weavers at work and peasants in the field. After the death of his father and misunderstandings with his family, in November 1885. Vincent van Gogh reaches Antwerp. Attends the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. After a month of study because of overwork and misunderstandings with professors left the Academy and moved to his brother to Paris. Thanks brother van Gogh became friends with Gauguin and Toulouse also Pissarro.Poznaje – Lautrec’a and John Russell.

Formed in this period more than two hundred paintings, in which you can see some influence impresjonizmu.Prawie two-year stay in Paris, Parisian artistic movement ostentacyjność tired go.W February 1888 he left the south of France, Arles so that, as he wrote to Theo, “see different light (…) to see the sun shining strongly. “Images are created here in a few days or even hours. Van Gogh painted a very intense, especially simple motifs -okoliczne landscapes, own room, night cafe, including the famous flowers of sunflowers. Over the years, some of the most creative also painted about thirty portraits. At the same time the van Gogh’u revives the idea of working together with other painters. Rents Yellow House, which wants to transform into a paradise for painters. Paul Gauguin after persuasion van Gogh arrives in Arles 23 October 1888. The common painting, however, only lasted two months. Opposites two great individuals are the cause of incredible tension. December 23, after another violent argument, Vincent threatens friend with a razor and a state of extreme agitation ear cut himself, and takes them to a local brothel. As a result of blood loss and mental insanity van Gogh is placed in a hospital in Arles (Hotel – Dieu), where he spends 14 days. In March, 1889. Mayor of Arles receives petitions from residents requesting Vincent and locked seclusion “yellow house” – so it happens. The artist moves to May 8, 1889 to the hospital for the insane Saint – Paul – de – Mausole near Saint – Remy.Początek 1890 Vincent brought a better mood. Published is also the first positive assessment of his work, feathers Parisian critic Albert Aurier. However, in March goes so far sharpest crisis, which excludes him from working for nearly two months. In late May, van Gogh come to Auvers in the north of France, where the care of Dr. Gachet offered his friend Camille Pissarro, a doctor at the same time being a patron of artists. There arises about seventy works of van Gogh: including “Field with a herd of crows”, the image is often considered to be the last work of the artist. July 27, 1890, during another nervous breakdown, Vincent van Gogh trying to commit suicide. Borrows the revolver and shoots himself. Suicide attempt failed. He died after two days of July 29, 1890 year.