Oil paint

Oil Technique (popularly oil) was invented by experiments with tempera of adding to the increasing amounts of linseed oil. Can be painted with oil paints on wood, canvas or sheet. Formerly primer and paint painters themselves prepared in the laboratory. Today, paint sold in tubes. You can also buy adequately prepared stretchers, or primed canvas stretched on a wooden frame or a cardboard backing traveling canvas texture. Can be painted with oil paints, in turn putting thin, translucent layers of color, or by applying the paint thickly and zdecydowanie.Technika Oil has gained immense popularity because it gives developers great opportunities. Due to the fact that the paint dries long, you can always improve something, and after drying the failed parts at will repaint. The colors are very intense and saturated, though sometimes turn yellow, especially if the image is stored in a dark room. Ready coincides oil painting varnish, or a transparent protective layer. Just from werniksowania, the last stage of the work over the image, the name comes from the opening ceremony of the exhibition – opening (French vernissage – coating of varnish).