Pastel painting is a difficult technique in which we use the paint in thin sticks formed from dyes, chalk, gypsum and special binder. They are light and delicate, “pastel” shades. Although this kind of pastel crayons, they serve primarily to paint, not to draw (more important are the splashes of color, not the picture). Once it’s on paper colors can be combined and mixed by grinding. Now you can buy two types of pastels: dry and oil. Soft pastels have been used in the eighteenth century. You can draw them on paper, canvas and cardboard – the best is a special velor paper covered with tiny hairs. As the carbon paint flake off easily, so the finished work is very delicate, require consolidation of special liquid (fixative) and framing under glass. Pastels (fat) are much easier to use, does not flake off, you can draw them on almost every surface. They can also rub or even watered down with turpentine, which gives results close to oil painting.