Tempera painting is a technique, which uses the oldest type of emulsion paint, developed through combining dyes using egg yolk, resin or oil. Currently sold in jars or tubes. Tempera paints with a brush on paper, board, cloth or plaster. The paint is diluted with water, but when dry, it becomes waterproof. Today paint that is used quite rarely. In the past, until the sixteenth century, tempera painting technique was the most popular, despite the fact that required special, quite complicated preparations. Usually painted on a board that had to be sufficiently impregnated with glue, leather and canvas primed with a mixture of glue, chalk and plaster. Painting started from the initial, one color version of the image (underpainting), which is then gradually covered with layers of color, so that by checking the lights and shadows to create the impression of space the entire scene. Method of preparation and paint boards differ depending on the painter’s workshop – everyone has their own jealously guarded recipes and secrets.