Watercolor is the least troublesome and the most popular painting technique, which uses water paints – watercolors (Italian acquarello from acqua – water). It is made by mixing powdered pigments with a binder – gum arabic, and sometimes also with honey. They are sold in small “guziczkach” tubes or pans. Using watercolor, paint brush on paper, and paint mixing water use. The paint should be put broad, loose brushstrokes. The color intensity weakens by dilution with water, and white can be obtained only painted over, leaving no paper. Best to use a fairly broad, soft, round brush with a pointed end that allow you to paint spots and fine lines. Once properly located splashes of color can not be removed, it can be the most weaken, eluting with paper. It is also important, we use paper, which should be strong and have a strong texture. The work done by this technique are sensitive to light and easily fade. In China and Japan, also painted watercolors on silk.